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Molokai Towns

Molokai Cities MapThere are no big cities on Molokai, no traffic lights and no large malls or big-box stores. All you can find here is sleepy little towns and villages.

The island's main town is Kaunakakai, with a population of about 3,425. The rest of Molokai's population of about 3,900 people live in small villages scattered throughout the island. Molokai's total population is 7,345 (2010 Census).

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Ho'olehua is located in the northern part of Molokai, off of Highway 460, near the Molokai airport. It is a small community situated 620 feet (189 m) above sea level. Read More
The historic settlement of Kalaupapa is located on the isolated Kalaupapa Peninsula on Molokai's north shore, at the base of the world's highest sea cliffs.

Kaunakakai is the largest and main town of tranquil Molokai. With a few mom-and-pop stores selling groceries and other supplies, Kaunakakai is the main shopping hub for the 7,300+ island residents.
Kualapu'u is home to Coffees of Hawaii, a large coffee plantation that produces and distributes 100% Molokai coffee. Also located in Kualapu'u is a 1.4 billion gallon freshwater reservoir.
Maunaloa is a small plantation village in upcountry Molokai. It has a post office, a small supermarket, a gallery and a gift shop. The majority of the population used to work at Molokai Ranch, which closed in March 2008.