Oahu Cities and Towns

Oahu Cities MapWith a population of 953,207, Oahu is the most densely populated island in the state of Hawaii. By far the largest city on Oahu is the state capital of Honolulu, home to more than 390,000 people.

Oahu also has many other major residential areas, from small cities to villages and everything in between. This list also includes some popular Honolulu neighborhoods, such as Waikiki, Kahala and Manoa.

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A popular attraction in Aiea is Pearlridge, which is Hawaii's largest enclosed shopping center and second largest in the state. Aiea is also home of the Aloha Stadium, where the National Football League's Pro Bowl takes place every year.
Ewa Beach
Ewa Beach is located on Oahu's leeward coast (near the southwestern tip of the island), about 20 miles (32 km) west of downtown Honolulu. It is a growing community. Many new homes and stores are being built here.

Hale'iwa is the largest town and commercial center on the North Shore of Oahu. It features an old plantation town atmosphere and is a popular destination among tourists and residents alike.
Hau'ula is a small town located on Oahu's northeastern shore. There is a small commercial center, with a few shops and a supermarket in the town's center. Along the shoreline is Hau'ula Beach Park.
Hawaii Kai
Hawaii Kai on Oahu's south shore was the brainchild of the billionaire industrialist Henry J. Kaiser, who developed an area of kiawe flatland and a shallow fishpond into an affluent suburb.
Honolulu is the capital of the U.S. state of Hawaii. It is located on the south shore of the island of Oahu. Honolulu is home to numerous visitor attractions, including Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, the Aloha Tower and many more.
Ka'a'awa is a small town on Oahu's windward coast. Foreigners often times stumble over the town's name and think it may be misspelt because it has three vowels in a row. "Ka'a'awa" means "the yellow wrasse fish" in Hawaiian.
Kahala is a Honolulu neighborhood. Here you'll find some of the most expensive real estate in Hawaii - huge and beautiful mansions that cost millions of dollars. Many celebrities and business moguls have their vacation home in this area.
Kahuku is a small town on Oahu's northeastern shore, between Laie and Turtle Bay. Like shrimp? Then Kahuku is the place to go. Here you'll find numerous shrimp trucks parked alongside the main street that runs through the town.
Kailua's main attraction is its beautiful white-sand beach. Here you'll find white, soft, powdery fine sand. In fact, Kailua Beach has been repeatedly ranked among the best beaches in the world.
Attractions in Kane'ohe include the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden, the Valley of the Temples and three golf courses. Beautiful Kane'ohe Bay is one of the most photographed spots of the island.
Kapolei is being developed as an urban center, second to Honolulu. One attraction near Kapolei is Wet 'n' Wild, a 25-acre open-air water park featuring many water slides, pools and hot tubs.
La'ie is a predominantly Mormon community. The town's cultural attractions include the Mormon Temple, the Hawaii campus of Brigham Young University and the Polynesian Cultural Center.
Lanikai is an upper-class residential community on Oahu's windward coast. It is part of Kailua. Lanikai is most known for its great beach with its powdery soft sand and views to the Mokulua Islands.
Ma'ili is a small community on Oahu's leeward coast, located between Nanakuli and Wai'anae.
Makaha's main attraction is its beach, mainly among surfers. Every year surf events take place here, and this is the place where some of the biggest waves have been ridden.
Manoa is a residential neighborhood of Honolulu. There is a central shopping area, the Manoa Marketplace featuring a farmer's market and other stores and restaurants. Manoa is also home to the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Mililani resembles a typical American suburban town. In fact, Mililani was named an All-America City in 1986 making it the only community in Hawaii ever to receive this distinction. In the past, the area was all plantation fields.
Nanakuli is the first town as you drive up Oahu's leeward coast. It has a nice beach, known as Nanakuli Beach Park. Most of Nanakuli's residents live in the valley across from Farrington Highway, the town's main road.
Pearl City
Pearl City's main attraction is Pearl Harbor, the site of the Japanese surprise attack and the beginning of World War II for the United States on December 7, 1941. Pearl City is situated right on the harbor's shore.
What's unique about Wahiawa is that it is surrounded on three sides by Lake Wilson, also known as the Wahiawa Reservoir or Kaukonahua. Lakes and reservoirs are rare in Hawaii.
Waialua is a small community on the North Shore of Oahu. In the town's center is the Waialua Sugar Mill, one last remnant of the town's plantation history. Nearby are a couple of shops.
Wai'anae is a small town on Oahu's leeward coast. It is most known for its boat harbor, from where tour operators launch their boats, for example to take people out to snorkel with wild dolphins.
Most visitors who say they are going to Hawaii spend their time here, in Waikiki. Waikiki is Hawaii's center of the tourism industry. Many high-rise hotels line the shore, including historic hotels that date back to the early 20th century.
Waimanalo is a small town on Oahu's windward coast, near the southeastern tip of the island. It is a Hawaiian homelands community. The town's main attraction is its long white-sand beach.
Waipahu is a former sugar plantation town. Its name refers to an artesian spring. The ancient Hawaiians enjoyed the cool and clear water that came out of the ground and named this spring Waipahu.