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To-Hawaii.com was established in 2006 by two local residents. We created this website about the Hawaiian Islands to serve as an information portal for visitors to the Islands and all people who are interested in learning more about Hawaii. We are committed to providing in-depth, truthful and unbiased information and as much detail as possible.

Our mission is to give you the most complete information about Hawaii that can be found online. We want to share the truth about this island paradise with you, exploring all of Hawaii's unique traditions and values, as well as the problems and challenges.

You will find articles that highlight general information about the Islands and articles about Hawaii's culture, history, language, art and other topics. We also include information about the troubles and challenges you may encounter, including detailed information about natural disasters that may occur in Hawaii. We have also dedicated a special article to ocean safety in Hawaii.

On the individual island pages, you will find detailed information about each of Hawaii's six main islands of Oahu, Kauai, Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii, Molokai and Lanai. Each one of the Hawaiian islands is unique and offers different things to do and experience. So find your best fit and enjoy your next trip to Hawaii.

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