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Maunaloa, Molokai

Maunaloa (view panorama) is a small plantation village in upcountry Molokai, near the island's western end. The views from up here are nice. You can see a long stretch of Molokai's south shore. Maunaloa has a post office, a small supermarket, a gallery and a gift shop, the Big Wind Kite Factory where you can find a unique selection of hand-made kites.

Many Maunaloa residents used to work at Molokai Ranch, which closed in March 2008. The ranch was the largest employer on the island. It operated a hotel (Molokai Lodge), the Kaupoa Beach Village, the Kaluakoi Golf Course, the Maunaloa gas station, movie theatre and cattle ranch. When the company ceased all operations on Molokai, it closed all of these businesses and 120 workers were laid off.

The reason was because it had wanted to build 200 upscale residential homes on 613 acres at La'au Point (Molokai's southwestern tip), but many Molokai residents opposed this plan. So Molokai Ranch decided to cease all operations. Maunaloa residents were forced to look for jobs elsewhere, many of whom still can't find work.

Maunaloa Overview

  • Small community in upcountry Molokai
  • Molokai Ranch used to be the local attraction and major employer before its closure in March 2008
  • Population: 376 (2010 Census)
  • Zip code: 96770

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Reviews and Comments:
Maunaloa town is quiet, peaceful and the people are friendly. When the wetter season brings showers to the area, miles and miles of fresh green grass stretch down towards the blue Pacific. The island of Oahu can be seen on clean days.
Scott, Sun Nov 03, 2013
Maunaloa is set in a very beautiful location on a mountain overlooking Molokai's southwest shore. The air is cooler and crisp up here, but unfortunately the town is half dead. Many houses are abandoned or run-down as a result of the closure of Molokai Ranch, which led to higher unemployment in the area and the closure of many businesses. It's sad because it's such a beautiful place.
Brian, Thu Aug 30, 2012