Ulua Beach

Ulua Beach, Maui

Ulua Beach (see more photos) is one of the beaches in the Wailea resort complex development on Maui's south shore. The sandy beach is located between two rocky points.

Ulua Beach is a bit more popular than neighboring Mokapu Beach, with which it shares a parking lot. When the surf is up, it is usually a little higher here than at other beaches in this area, attracting many bodyboarders who enjoy the waves.

During calm days, the snorkeling and diving here is excellent. There are many colorful corals and fish. Ulua means “adult crevalle fish” in the Hawaiian language.

Ulua Beach Overview

  • Sandy beach ideal for swimming and snorkeling (on calm days)
  • Popular dive spot, introductory scuba lessons take place here
  • Snorkeling best at the right (north) side of the beach near the rocky outcrop
  • Swimming and snorkeling best in the mornings (afternoons can be windy here, making the ocean choppy and the visibility poor)
  • When surf is up, beach attracts bodyboarders
  • Backed by a small park, ideal for picnics
  • Arrive early, parking lot fills up quickly

Ulua Beach Road, Wailea HI 96753

Directions: Ulua Beach and neighboring Mokapu Beach share a parking lot on Ulua Beach Road that fills up quickly. Walk down the path from the parking lot. The beach on the left is Ulua; the one on the right Mokapu.

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Reviews and Comments:
Beautiful beach with no high rise hotels in sight, good views of neighboring islands, unusual in that it has snorkeling with tropical fish and living coral along one side and sandy swimming beach in middle of cove. ,
G. Graham, Thu Sep 04, 2014