Banyan Tree Photos

Banyan tree

Banyan Tree Overview

Banyan trees can be seen all over the Hawaiian Islands. People who see these trees for the first time often gaze at them in awe. Some banyan tree species can be real giants, such as for example the Indian banyan, which is one of the broadest-spreading trees in the world.

As banyan trees grow, they drop aerial roots to the ground from the undersides of their branches. When these roots touch the ground, they thicken and grow into the earth, forming a new trunk.

Large banyans can have so many trunks that it is difficult to tell which one is the main trunk, the core. A good example of such a large banyan is the popular banyan tree in downtown Lahaina on Maui. It covers three quarters of an acre. There are about 60 types of banyans (ficus) in Hawaii.