Makua Beach

Makua Beach, Oahu

Makua Beach is one of the most secluded and far away beaches on Oahu. This undeveloped and never crowded white-sand beach is backed by the Waianae Mountain Range and Makua Valley (after which the beach is named).

Most Oahu visitors never get to see this beach. That's because no tour buses go here, and most people who make the effort to drive to the remote leeward coast of Oahu only drive up to Makaha Beach, a popular big wave surfing beach in the winter months. After the small town of Makaha the development soon ends and there aren't any other buildings. Even the road narrows.

From November to April, there is some excellent surf on this side of the island, perfect for expert surfers. Unlike many Oahu beaches, Makua Beach is not protected by an offshore reef, so the waves can get really high and the currents strong on rough days. The ocean bottom drops off quickly here, so swimmers should stay close to the shore. Fishing and bodyboarding are popular activities on calmer days. There are no lifeguards or facilities here.

Makua Beach is the second last beach where the road ends (the last one is Yokohama Bay). Both beaches are part of the Ka'ena Point State Park. If you're up for a hike, there is a trail that leads to the northwestern tip of the island. Ka'ena Point is supposedly a "leina a ka uhane," or a jumpoff point for departing souls. The area is sacred to Native Hawaiians. No paved roads lead to the park, so hiking is the only way to get there.

Makua Beach Overview

  • Quiet beach located on Oahu's leeward (west) coast, far away from crowds
  • Beautiful white-sand beach, but can be hot and dry
  • Good waves year-round, ideal for surfers and bodyboarders
  • Large limestock rock called Pohaku Kula'ila'i at the east end of the beach
  • U.S. military trains in the valley behind the beach (Makua Valley)

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Reviews and Comments:
Planning to go to Hawai in 2019, and listen to the music of IZ om the white sandy beach...
Any suggestion for accomodation in the area?
Pierre, Wed Aug 15, 2018
Please keep in mind that this area is where hundreds of homeless people pitch their tents and live. The squalor is unimaginable to most people.
Betsy Bond, Sun Jun 24, 2012
Almost deserted (one other couple) on Feb. 25, 2012. The sands are slightly darker than those on Waikiki, due to a small amount of black volcanic material. My wife and I stopped here and played "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Wonderful World" as a tribute to Bruddah Iz. His beautiful renditions brought tears to our eyes. The beach is as beautiful as is his memory.
Clark, Sat Mar 10, 2012
Just got back, beautiful beach - IZ's resting place. Well worth the trip. Stop and visit his statue at the community center on the way to the beach.
Mike, Fri Jan 20, 2012
Iz's ashes spread here.
Stu, Aug 11, 2010
The Real Hawai'i. Go there.
Gene, Jun 30, 2010
Very nice and secluded Oahu beach. It is so different than places like Waikiki Beach.
Maria, Jun 25, 2010