Makaha Beach Park

Makaha Beach Park, Oahu

Makaha Beach Park (view panorama) is located on Oahu's leeward (west) coast and offers good swimming, bodyboarding and surfing conditions. The swimming is better in the summer months when the ocean is generally calmer here (but exceptions are always possible). In the winter months, the surf is often times up and there is a strong shorebreak and rip currents. This is when Makaha Beach is only suitable for experienced surfers. Before going into the water, pay attention to all signs posted at the beach and ask the lifeguards about the current ocean conditions.

If you want to swim, enter the ocean in the middle section of the beach where there is no reef. Surfers usually prefer the northern end of the beach because this is where the waves break on the reef (near the hotel). However, it's only recommended for experienced surfers. Especially during low tide the reef is close to the water's surface and it is sharp.

Makaha Beach Park is located on the driest side of the island, so especially in the summer months it is hot and dry here. Bring enough water and sunscreen and maybe even a beach umbrella because there is not much shade on the beach.

Makaha Beach Park is one of the more popular beach parks on this side of the island, but nevertheless the beach is hardly ever crowded. The busiest times are the weekends when local residents come here with their families to picnic and relax. There are a few picnic tables, restrooms and showers.

Makaha Beach Park Overview

  • Good for swimming, surfing, bodyboarding, snorkeling and scuba diving (depending on the season)
  • Strong shorebreak and rip currents during the winter - no swimming possible
  • Calmer water during the summer - this is when swimming conditions are best
  • Rip currents possible any time
  • Middle part of the beach is best for swimming
  • Sharp reef on the right side of the beach (near the hotel)
  • Dive site called Makaha Caverns located offshore

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Reviews and Comments:
We have lived here many years and enjoy both the locals and the newcomers. It is truly one of the best beaches in the world. There is a turtle cleaning station, Makaha Caverns which is great for snorkeling, dolphins further out. Take a look on google earth to get to know the underwater layout, so you know the reef. It's true, in the summer it's best for swimming, winter only if you know what you're doing. Riptides can pull you sideways so get out before you're too tired to get back in. All in all, perfection. The beach itself has beautiful sand that my kids love to play in. Enjoy watching the surfers in the winter months, and bring your boogie board.
Bonnie, Tue Mar 11, 2014
Beautiful beach and nice quiet area. Yes, there are some homeless people but nobody bothers anyone. They live outside because they can! The weather, the beach, the water and sealife are all amazing. I would go back in a heartbeat!
MDE, Fri Jul 22, 2011
JK, Wed May 11, 2011
one of two beaches on the west side of ohau to go to swim at as you can relax,sunbathe,and swim the next time i go back to hawaii i know exactly where to go
mark, Thu Feb 17, 2011
Nice beach to stop at but not a nice area to stay the week at during a vacation. Lots of sketchy homeless people in this area. Need to drive a long way to find any decent restaurants.
Craig, Jan 22, 2011
Most beautiful beach in the world. Went there this weekend. It was beautiful! Water was so blue and great for snorkeling. Perfect place to connect with nature as there were not very many people on it.. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Can't wait to go back.
Love this Beach, May 21, 2010
I lived right across the street for about 6 months and i loved it there!!!! How i miss MY BEACH!! i used to walk there everyday with my 2 and 3 year old and we had a certain spot that was very safe, all summer long!! its soo nice there not crowded, friendly people, even the locals, and the best part was the wild pigs we would see at evening time!! Hope to make my way back to the islands as soon as all my babies are in school!!! dont pass up this beach!
Lexie, Jan 02, 2010
I love the Makaha Beach. I live right across the street from it, so it's really convenient to walk there. The last bus stop on the Waianae Coast is also in front of the beach, so it's easy to remember. The waves are strong during the wintertime, but it's great to just hang and swim in the late afternoon. Towards the hotel, there's better parking, lifeguards, and bathrooms, and the surfers tend to take up the water over there. It's almost never crowded except on the weekends when the locals come down to hang and picnic for the day. If you're looking for a quiet beach away from the crowds, Makaha's a great choice. Just remember to keep an eye on the water and wear lots of sunscreen!
Aki, Oct 14, 2009
When I went to Makaha Beach, there were some waves, but not too high, so it was just perfect to swim and play in the waves and have a great time.
Tom, Apr 29, 2009
Makaha Beach is great fun if there are some waves and you know what yo're doing. A friend of mine cut his toe while bodyboarding over the reef here. It had been low tide, so the reef was too close to the surface and he touched it with his foot. A week later, the cut got infected and he needed surgery. But if you're careful or are an expert (I saw many of them in the water having a great time), then this beach is for you.
Judy, Apr 12, 2009