Bellows Beach Park

Bellows Beach Park, Oahu

Located on Oahu's windward coast, Bellows Beach is noted for its clear, azure blue waters, soft white sand and waves ideal for bodyboarding. Many people would consider it one of the prettiest beaches on the island. The beach is backed by rows of ironwood trees, which provide plenty of shade in the afternoons.

Bellows Beach Park Overview

  • Beach is a favorite among bodyboarders
  • Beach park is located between Inoa'ole and Waimanalo Stream, in front of the Bellows Air Force Station
  • Part of the longest stretch of sandy shoreline on Oahu - to the south is Waimanalo Beach
  • Watch out for jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-wars on the shoreline, they often get washed up on the beach
  • Camping is allowed with a permit

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Reviews and Comments:
love this place.. Been twice with a nice gal name Dizeree. Truly an Amazing beach. on the military base side.. the beachs are private to the public .. Thank Gina for showing us. Dez kids loved this beach . 5 star beach for families
Malcolm, Sat Aug 20, 2016
A true paradise...Haven't been there since the 70's but heading back in Sept 2012. Can't wait until I feel the soft white sand between my toes and the feel the awesome warm, blue water.
Sherry B, Sat Jan 21, 2012
I broke my neck body surfing at Bellows in February 2001. Be careful! The shore break there can be nasty. Luckily I crawled out of the water. I didn't know my neck was broken until after a CAT scan. I had walked into the emergency room of Stroub Hospital. When I got back home I bought the Anatomy Coloring Book so I could see what I'd done to what.
Judith Keenan, Thu Oct 13, 2011
Aloha and Mahalo. I am German and i have been 82/83 at Oahu and at this wonderful Bellows Beach Park. Now 28 Years later I see this lovely Beach every Day at the Internet. This Place is my Paradise and I`ll hope to see my Paradise onece again .Aloha
Pekelo, May 12, 2010
This is an awesome beach to take the kids. The waves are great, the water is warm, and child friendly. The beach line runs far enough out that the kids are able to body board without fear. There are bathrooms, shops, and a rinse area for when you need to clean off the sand. The sand is great too. White, soft, powder sand. If you are looking for a place to take the family, I highly recommend this place.
Christiana, May 01, 2010