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Moa'ula Falls

Moa'ula Falls on Molokai

Moa'ula Falls, Molokai

This double-tiered 250-foot (76 m) waterfall cascades into a green pool surrounded by lush vegetation. The hike to reach Moa'ula Falls is among the prettiest in all of Hawaii. A wonderful mix of native flowers, mangoes, ginger, ha'u trees and ancient taro patches line the paths as you approach the waterfalls, which is located in Halawa Valley.

However, some pre-planning is required as the hike crosses private lands. To do this hike you have to either get permission from the landowner or join a guided hike through a local tour operator.

The hike is considered strenuous and the path is often times muddy and mostly uphill. For this reason, insect repellent, sturdy footwear and waterproof clothing are recommended. Even if no rain is in the forecast, you may get wet as the trail crosses the Halawa Stream several times.

The most extravagant option to see the waterfall is undoubtedly from the air in a helicopter. This can be done through local tour operators, and while not cheap, this option will provide a unique vantage point of the waterfall and the valley.

The cheaper and more commonly chosen option is to view the waterfall from various lookout points along Highway 450. Driving eastward along the highway toward Halawa Valley there are plenty of opportunities to stop the car and admire the waterfall from a distance.

Moa'ula Falls Overview

  • 250-foot (76 m) waterfall in Halawa Valley
  • Trail to the waterfall leads through private lands - local tour operators who have obtained permission offer guided hikes
  • Hike is about 4.5 miles (7.2 km) long and involves crossing Halawa Stream
  • Bring mosquito repellent, water, and wear sturdy shoes

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