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Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach, Molokai

Sandy Beach (view panorama) on Molokai's east shore is a small roadside pocket of sand and one of the best swimming beaches on the island. The nearshore ocean bottom is deeper here than on many other Molokai beaches, so it's easier to enter the water without having to walk on reef and rocks. The water is also clear here while many other beaches on Molokai's south and east shore have murky water.

There is a reef a little further offshore, which protects the beach from strong currents. However, a rip current occasionally forms along the south point of the beach.

Sandy Beach, located after Rock Point near mile marker 22, is the last sand beach before Halawa Beach Park. The road to Sandy Beach and beyond is narrow and has many blind curves. It is described on this scenic drive page.

Sandy Beach Overview

  • Good swimming beach when the ocean is calm
  • Sandy beach with some shade

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Reviews and Comments:
Great beach! It's not the best for swimming because of the coral reef, but if you're snorkeling, fishing, or spearfishing, it's a great spot. Crystal clear water, tons of fish, and only a mild current to worry about. I would also recommend going at high tide; it makes snorkeling a whole lot easier when the waves aren't throwing you on top of coral...
jkoopz, Wed Nov 23, 2016