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One Ali'i Beach Park

One Ali'i Beach Park, Molokai

Located on Molokai's south shore, One Ali'i Beach Park (view panorama) has two spacious sections (I and II), which are located next to each other on Kamehameha Highway (coming from Kaunakakai, Section II is first).

The beach in both areas is narrow and the nearshore ocean bottom is shallow and rocky and the water murky, so the swimming conditions are poor. The beach park is mainly visited by fishermen and picnickers. There is enough space for family gatherings and the large lawns are perfect for ball games.

In the Hawaiian language, oneali'i means "royal sands." The beach park is named after an ancient Hawaiin fishpond. Ali'i Fishpond is located at the west end of Section II, but it is not accessible from the beach park because of thick vegetation.

Two stone monuments in the park mark the 75th and 100th anniversaries of Japanese immigration to Hawaii.

One Alii Beach Park Overview

  • Two spacious sections, ideal for large family gatherings
  • Swimming opportunities are limited due to shallow, rocky ocean bottom
  • County campsite (camping is allowed with a permit)

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Reviews and Comments:
Never again. I slept one night on Papohaku campsite and one night on One Alii campsite and the latter was so much worse. So many local people in old trucks driving around and stopping there for no clear reason after dark. I was afraid if my belongings are safe when I was in the bathroom. One guy just stopped right next to my tent and was watching a movie in the car alone. I felt weird as the only foreigner with a tent. I believe the proximity of One Alii to the town makes it so willingly visited by locals. Also no AT&T service at One Alii at all. The Papohaku was completely different and I was having full AT&T service.
Mariusz Koclega, Sat May 18, 2019
Since we arrived on Molokai early in the morning we decided to drive around a bit before checking in at our condo. So we stopped at this beach park to have a picnic. There was one family with many kids at the other end of the park, but other than them there was no one else there. So we enjoyed privacy and nice views from our picnic table. We then went back to our car. After we got into our car and closed the door, someone suddenly knocked on our front window. We got scared because we didn't see him approaching our car. He asked us if he could use our cell phone. Still startled we told him we don't have one. That was a bit strange because there was a pay phone nearby.
Nicky, April 28, 2012