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Murphy's Beach

Murphy's Beach, Molokai

Murphy's Beach (view panorama) on Molokai's southeast shore is a narrow white-sand beach shaded by a few palm trees. The beaches along Molokai's south shore (when driving east from Kaunakakai) aren't great swimming beaches because the nearshore ocean bottom is shallow and the water murky. However, Murphy's Beach is an exception. When the ocean is calm, the water is clear here and the ocean looks inviting for a refreshing dip.

The swimming conditions are fair since the nearshore ocean bottom is shallow and rocky, with a few sandy patches inbetween. But the snorkeling can be good on calm days. Stay close to shore because outside of the reef area the currents can be treacherous. The beach is also a good fishing spot.

Beyond Murphy's Beach the road becomes even narrower (Kamehameha Highway turns into a one-land road about 2 miles before Murphy's Beach), so many visitors or those on a tight schedule (as well as larger tour vans) drive only up to Murphy's Beach and then turn around. There is a small parking area that overlooks the beach, which is a popular lookout point. Pictures taken from here grace quite a few Hawaiian wall calendars. Since Murphy's Beach is 20 miles east of Kaunakakai, it is also known as Twenty Mile Beach or Mile Marker 20 Beach.

Murphy's Beach Overview

  • Narrow white-sand beach on Molokai's southeast shore
  • Fair swimming conditions due to shallow, rocky ocean bottom
  • Also known as Twenty Mile Beach or Mile Marker 20 Beach

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Reviews and Comments:
This is probably the best beach on the island to swim and snorkel at! We took our snorkeling equipment, but we didn't go into the water the first time we were there. It was on a Friday and we felt some unfriendly looks coming from the local guys who were sitting in the beach parking lot. So being two foreign girls we didn't feel very safe so we decided to leave and come back another day. The second time we came we were the only people on the beach and we enjoyed great snorkeling there.
Rosa, June 6, 2012
Water visibility would be a good add to this site. Typical in the winter and summer and how the visibility is affected by the wind.
Tom Witte, Sat Jan 28, 2012