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Kiowea Beach Park

Kiowea Beach Park, Molokai

Kiowea Beach Park (view panorama) is located right next to a well-known coconut grove, known as Kapuaiwa or Kamehameha Coconut Grove, on Molokai's south shore. It is named in honor of the high chief Kapuaiwa, who in 1863 became King Kamehameha V. It is said that either he himself planted the coconuts in this grove, or that the trees were planted by his agent and ranch manager, Rudolph W. Meyer.

Kiowea Beach is narrow and composed of detrital sand. The ocean bottom is rocky, shallow and the water murky, so the swimming conditions are poor. The shoreline here is quite eroded. In the past, there had been several freshwater springs in the park, but because of erosion, they are now located in the ocean offshore. They can be seen bubbling up at low tide.

Kiowea Beach Park Overview

  • Located next to Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove
  • Poor swimmming conditions due to shallow, rocky ocean bottom
  • Good spot for picnicking

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Reviews and Comments:
The tall coconut trees drew our attention as we drove into Kaunakakai, so we decided to check out the area on the way back. The gate was locked, so we parked on the side of the road and walked in. There was a nice shaded picnic area right on the beach. The beach itself is not spectacular - the water was murky and dark, so I don't think it is a good swimming beach. But the park is definitely worth a stop. We took some great photos of coconut palms leaning over the ocean.
Gregory, April 1, 2012