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Kapuaiwa Grove

Kapuaiwa Grove, Molokai

Kapuaiwa Grove (view panorama) on Molokai's south shore is one of Hawaii's oldest coconut groves. The first coconuts were planted here in the 1860s by King Kamehameha V. Back then, coconut trees encompassed about 10 acres (40,468 sq. m) of land. Today, only a few hundred coconut trees remain at the grove.

Because of the danger that coconuts could fall from the trees and cause harm, signs have been posted that warn visitors about the dangers of falling coconuts. A military bunker still rests at the edge of Kapuaiwa Grove, a sad memory of World War II.

Sometimes referred to as the "Mysterious Taboo," Kapuaiwa Grove is a nice spot to visit during sunset. As the sun colors the sky, the dark shapes of the coconut trees with their long trunks and swaying leaves make for a beautiful view.

Reaching Kapuaiwa Grove is easy if you're coming from Kaunakakai. Drive west on Highway 460 and the coconut grove will be on your left. Just across the street is Church Row.

Kapuaiwa Grove Overview

  • One of Hawaii's oldest coconut groves
  • First coconuts were planted here in the 1860s by King Kamehameha V
  • Beware of falling coconuts

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Reviews and Comments:
Oh wow! This place made me feel hypnotized! As we drove to town to get some supplies and food after we arrived on Molokai, we saw this palm tree forest and we felt we had to stop. As we were walking through it and looking up watching out for falling coconuts we felt totally hypnotized by the beauty of these tall green palm trees contrasting against the blue sky. When we returned to our car we saw a sign that we did not previously see "Danger, Falling Coconuts, No Trespassing."
Marry, Sat Jul 21, 2012