Kahakuloa Head

Kahakuloa Head (Pu'u Koa'e), Maui

Kahakuloa Head (Pu'u Koa'e) is located in a very remote area in West Maui (on the island's north shore) near the sleepy village Kahakuloa. The 636-foot (194 m) hill is a scenic landmark, but not many people make it here. The main reason is because the only road that leads here, Kahekili Highway (Route 340) isn't really a “highway.” Many people consider it hazardous and one of the spookiest roads they have ever driven. The road hugs the sea cliffs and is very narrow (often just one lane), with many blind curves and no guard rails. So not many people visit this part of Maui.

It is believed that Kahakuloa Head was one of King Kahekili's favorite cliff-diving spots. King Kahekili was king on Maui in the mid-1700s. He climbed up this hill and leaped into the ocean below. That's why the hill is also known as Kahekili's Leap (just like Black Rock in Ka'anapali). Today, there's still a trail that leads up there, but it's too narrow and dangerous.

Kahakuloa Head Overview

  • Scenic landmark near remote Kahakuloa village
  • Historic location - believed to be one of King Kahekili's favorite cliff-jumping spots

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Reviews and Comments:
After you're done with all the recommended tourist attractions, spend a day traveling around west Maui. Pass a small quaint village with friendly locals at roadside stands. This area has few, if any, tourists. If you do not consider yourself a patient driver, I suggest a private tour. This is the most treacherous road I've driven, but worth it. If you find yourself head on with another vehicle, be prepared to back up several hundred feet on hairpins turns. Not a venture to bring the cranky/bored kids or nervous spouse. Breathtaking scenic views, but not for those without excellent driving skills and nerves of steel. Perhaps try the Piilani Highway loop first to gauge your patience level.
Kathleen, Mon Sep 21, 2015