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Lopa, Lanai

The ancient seaside village of Lopa is located on the southeastern coast of Lanai, 7 miles (11.3 km) off the end of Keomuku Highway, down a rough dirt road, which is navigable only with a four-wheel drive.

Lopa is an old Hawaiian word meaning "tenant farmer," but the reason behind how the area got its name is unknown. This former seaside village's most astounding feature is the ancient fishpond, which is called Loko Lopa. It has been designated as a seabird sanctuary.

The secluded Lopa Beach features a long white-sand beach, which begins on the south side of Kikoa Point and ends just past the ancient fishpond. The nearshore ocean bottom is rocky and shallow, which makes swimming tricky here. The area is mainly frequented by local fishermen as there are no facilities.

Lopa Overview

  • Ancient seaside village on Lanai's southeastern shore
  • Location of an ancient Hawaiian fishpond

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