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Lopa Beach

Lopa Beach, Lanai

Lopa Beach, located on Lanai’s east coast, is a long white sand beach. It begins on the south side of Kikoa Point and ends past an old fishpond, which is the most outstanding feature on this beach. The fishpond is also called Loko Lopa and has been designated as a bird sanctuary.

The offshore ocean bottom at Lopa Beach is shallow and rocky. It’s safe to swim here when the waters are calm. Lopa Beach is a secluded beach that’s mainly frequented by local fishermen. You can reach it by taking one of the four-wheel-drive trails branching off the Keomuku Road.

Lopa Beach Overview

  • Long white sand beach on Lanai's east coast
  • Rocky ocean bottom
  • Swimming possible when the waters are calm
  • Ancient fishpond Loko Lopa is located here

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