Waiakalua Beach, Kauai

Waiakalua Beach doesn't see all too many visitors, mainly because it is accessible only via a very steep dirt trail. However, those who make it here can enjoy a peaceful day on a remote beach without crowds.

Even though the beach is a nice spot for a picnic and there are some shady spots, it can be a challenge to carry picnic supplies down to the beach and then back up again.

Offshore is a long fringing reef. Snorkeling is possible here, but only when the ocean is calm. The nearshore ocean bottom is shallow and rip currents are often times present, so it is rather a spot for experienced snorkelers.

It may be best just to stay on land and enjoy the surroundings. There is a freshwater spring at the far end of the beach and a rocky point, cutting Waiakalua Beach in half. A 15-30 minute walk east leads to the even more remote Pila'a Beach.

Waiakalua Beach Overview

  • Secluded beach - accessible via a steep trail (5-10 minute hike)
  • Freshwater spring at one end of the beach

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