Pila'a Beach

Pila'a Beach

Pila'a Beach, Kauai

Pila'a Beach is a very sparsely visited beach on Kauai's north shore. It is difficult to access and since the nearshore ocean bottom is rocky, it's not a good beach for swimming. The beach is a good spot to just relax without the crowds, but since the trail to it is rocky, it's even challenging to bring a picnic basket.

Pila'a Beach Overview

  • Remote beach with poor swimming conditions
  • Sandy beach backed by lush cliffs

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Reviews and Comments:
Anyone of sound body can easily and quickly walk down to this secluded, idyllic, photogenic beach fronting a gorgeous calm, shallow bath bay. Like other little adventures with warnings on them in Kauai, there are those who would prefer to reserve this treasure for local brahs and their big land owners. Be there for the calm experience, be respectful, clean up after yourself, and don't let the crowing roosters get you down.
Mahalo For Your Kokua, Tue Apr 07, 2020
Amazing view, and fantastic tour with Aloha Hawaiian Photos from Kapaa.
ginny mangrum, Wed Aug 24, 2011