Umauma Falls

Umauma Falls

Umauma Falls, Big Island

Located about 16 miles (26 km) north of Hilo, Umauma Falls is a beautiful three-tiered waterfall with a cumulative height of about 300 feet (90 m). This waterfall used to be accessible via the World Botanical Gardens, but there was a change of management at World Botanical Gardens and in 2008, the Umauma Falls lookout point and its surrounding 90 acres were sold to Umauma Experience, a company that also operates a zip-line. So now the waterfall is accessible only through the Umauma Experience.

Umauma Falls Overview

  • Three-tiered waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation
  • Can be seen from a lookout point

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Iam just now writing this review - Went in July 2011 - This place was the best. Staff were fun, informative and very safe! The sites, the pictures can not do them justice. GO!GO!GO!
Angie, Thu Apr 04, 2013