Botanical World Adventures

Botanical World Adventures, Big Island

Set on hundreds of acres of old sugarcane fields, Botanical World Adventures is a spectacular natural site that features both a botanical garden, as well as a maze and two waterfalls. Founded in 1995, Botanical World Adventures is home to an astounding array of plant life, both native and non-native. Here you'll find plants such as agave, climbing ylang ylang, costa inflorescence, giant calaythia, ginger, giant heliconia, gout plant, milk cactus, ponytail palm, snownbush, yellow shrimp plant and many others.

The garden also features an outstanding collection of fruit trees, such as banana, breadfruit, papaya, guava, mango and pineapple. Don't miss the vibrant Rainbow Walk featuring hundreds of colorful bromeliad flowers. A 262-foot (80 m) tall wall covered in over a hundred different wild orchid species never fails to impress. Jaw-dropping views of Mauna Kea, paniola-style cattle ranches and the surrounding coastline ensure a Kodak moment or two.

Botanical World Adventures Overview

  • Situated on former sugarcane fields
  • Has gardens, waterfalls and a maze
  • See Kamae'e and Hanapueo Falls, acclaimed by many visitors to be the most pristine waterfalls in Hawaii
  • Spectacular views of Mauna Kea, the ocean and ranch lands
  • Nature trail winds through the rainforest
  • Stroll beside a 262 feet (80 m) long wall covered with hundreds of wild orchids
  • Explore the Rainbow Walk, which includes 100 species of bromeliads

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