Ocean View, Big Island

Ocean View is located in the Big Island's Ka'u district near South Point. Living here means living a rugged life amidst lava fields and few modern conveniences. People here are self-sufficient and don't want to be bothered. They chose a life off the grid. Ocean View doesn't have much to offer for visitors in terms of amenities, but it is still worth a visit, if just for the rugged, off-the-beaten-path surroundings that make for a unique sight.

The town has two small shopping centers, a gas station and a few eateries. There is a scenic lookout point near mile marker 75 on Highway 11 (Mamalahoa Hwy). One interesting nearby attraction is the Kula Kai Caverns, a 13-mile (21 km) long underground tunnel system. A variety of guided walking tours through parts of these caverns is being offered.

Ocean View has several subdivisions: Hawaiian Ocean View Estates (HOVE), Hawaiian Ocean View Ranchos, Kula Kai View Estates, Kahuku County Gardens, Kona Gardens, Keone's Ranchos and Kona View Estates.

These subdivisions encompass an area of about 6 miles (10 km) up the mountain and 3 miles (5 km) along the coastline. Ocean View's highest elevation is at 5,000 feet (1,524 m) and this nice view that one can enjoy from up here is probably why the entire area is named Ocean View.

Ocean View Overview

  • Located in the southern part of the Big Island
  • Area is primarily made up of dried lava fields
  • Nearby attraction is Kula Kai Caverns, an extensive underground tunnel system
  • Population: 4,437 (2010 Census)
  • Zip code: 96737

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Reviews and Comments:
I stayed in Ocean View Estates for 3 months. Never ever felt safe there. House was just ok. Owners very nice. Water system ridiculous. Grocery shopping was a nightmare. Not much to do. Had to drive 30 miles to go to the beach. Had a SLIGHT view of Ocean. When I was determined to get to the Ocean on a walk, it took two hours of f walking over dried lave fields, also had to go past many native people who did not appreciate strangers near their home. If I ever go back to the Big Island I will stay in Kona. That was great.
Pauline Pantin, Tue May 22, 2018
Great place to rent a vacation home for a nice quiet stay. 1 hour each direction to Kona or Hilo. Volcano Nat Park is 30 minutes.

It's cool and misty north of the loop highway and warm and sunny to the south.
Na'alehu is 10 minutes away for dining. Get groceries in Hilo or Kona before you drive down.
Mike Danks, Mon Mar 06, 2017