Manuka State Wayside Park, Big Island

This state park has a beautiful 8-acre arboretum, which contains 130 introduced exotic plants and flowers, most of which were planted in the mid-19th century. These grow side by side with some 48 species of native Hawaiian plants and trees. Many of these are labeled, attracting visitors keen to spot the beautiful flowers and see some peculiar plants and trees.

Another attraction in the park is the Manuka nature trail. Here, you can indulge in a bit of Hawaiian natural history with lava flows of different ages, cultural sites and a pit crater all visible during the 2-3 hour hike.

The Manuka State Wayside Park is surrounded by the 25,550 acre Manuka Forest Reserve, which can be accessed from the park. The name “Manuka” means ‘blundering’ in the Hawaiian language; it is used here as it was the name of an ancient land division in this part of the Big Island.

Manuka State Wayside Park Overview

  • State park of 13.4 acres (5.4 ha) with an arboretum
  • Arboretum of 8 acres (3.2 ha) was originally planted in the mid-19th century with native and introduced plants
  • Arboretum now contains 48 species of native Hawaiian plants and more than 130 species of non-native exotic flowers and plants
  • State park is surrounded by the 25,550-acre (10,340 ha) Manuka Forest Reserve
  • No drinking water available – bring your own
  • Park has picnic tables and restrooms
  • Camping is allowed in the park (with permit)

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