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Bishop Museum, Oahu

Here is a destination that's not only entertaining but also enlightening. The Bishop Museum in Honolulu on the island of Oahu is Hawaii's largest museum with an extensive collection of cultural artifacts, art works, documents, manuscripts, audio files and historical photographs of Hawaii and other Pacific island nations and cultures. The collection started with the royal family heirlooms of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Her husband Charles Reed Bishop founded the Bishop Museum as a tribute to her. The collection has since then ballooned to millions of items, which tell museum visitors the history of Hawaii and the Pacific.

The huge collection has also expanded to items that are of scientific nature: shells from the Hawaiian Islands, insect specimens, birds and the skeleton of a 50-foot sperm whale. You'll also find displays of ceremonial spears, great feathered capes of kings and old photos of hula dancers. There are interactive exhibits and presentations (such as a lava-melting demo) as well as a spectacular planetarium, where visitors can learn about Polynesian navigation by the stars, the stars visible above the Hawaiian Islands and the cutting-edge astronomy that is being done with top-notch telescopes on the summit of Mauna Kea on Hawaii's Big Island.

Visitors to the Bishop Museum are permitted to photograph and videotape the exhibits. However, please note that in certain exhibit areas, videography and photography may be limited due to copyright and/or cultural sensitivities. Please comply with posted rules.

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Bishop Museum Overview

  • Largest museum in the state of Hawaii
  • Features about 25 million items
  • Museum was founded in 1889 by Charles Reed Bishop

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