Ulehawa Beach Park

Ulehawa Beach Park, Oahu

Ulehawa Beach Park is a long and narrow sandy beach bordering Farrington Highway on Oahu's west shore.The park area encompasses 58 acres. Near the middle of the beach, the Ulehawa Stream crosses the beach and flows into the ocean. There are two concrete walls on either side of it that extend into the ocean. A surf site named Channels is located here. When the surf is up, strong currents form along the shoreline, which make swimming hazardous. Next to where Ulehawa Stream enters the ocean (north of it) is the Ulehawa Historic Site.

Ulehawa Beach Park Overview

  • Long and narrow white-sand beach
  • Named after Ulehawa Stream, which crosses the beach
  • Subject to high surf and strong currents
  • Long sandstone shelf along much of this shoreline - poor swimming conditions
  • Best area for swimming is the south end of the beach (small reef free area and lifeguards stationed here)

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