Le'ahi Beach Park

Le'ahi Beach Park, Oahu

Le'ahi Beach Park (view panorama) is located on the foothills of Diamond Head, an extinct volcanic crater at the east end of Waikiki. The small, 1.3-acre park doesn't have a sandy beach. There is a seawall at the water's edge and the nearshore waters are rocky and not suitable for swimming.

Le'ahi Beach Park Overview

  • Nice park for a picnic but not a good swimming beach
  • Seawall at the water's edge
  • Rocky nearshore waters

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Reviews and Comments:
There isn't much to see or do at this small beach park. There are no facilities and there is no sandy beach, only a very narrow strip of sand behind a seawall that disappears at high tide. I've seen people collecting sea shells here. To get to the "beach" you have to walk down stone stairs (which may be slippery and don't have a handrail). Stopping by for a quick picnic could be nice here I guess. The views are nice. There isn't much shade though.
Ian, Thu Aug 09, 2012
It's almost always pretty windy, but very seldom rains. Most events are held at the edge of the water (seawall) and the grass can be dry or absent, meaning you may be standing on dirt. Not quite as nice as the photos make it appear, but there are several events there each week. Essentially no convenient parking.
Charlie, Tue Jul 24, 2012