La'ie Point State Wayside Park

La'ie Point State Wayside Park, Oahu

La'ie Point State Wayside Park (view panorama) lies on a peninsula in the town La'ie on Oahu's northeastern shore. This place is steeped in Hawaiian legend, one of which according to William Rice in his Hawaiian Legends goes like this:

"Laniloa is the name given to a point of land which extends into the ocean from La'ie. In ancient times this point was mo‘o, standing upright, ready to kill the passerby. After Kana and his brother had rescued their mother from Molokai and had taken her back to Hawaii, Kana set out on a journey around the islands to kill all the mo‘o. In due time he reached La'ie, where the mo‘o was killing many people. Kana had no difficulty in destroying this monster. Taking its head, he cut it into five pieces and threw them into the sea, where they can be seen today as the five small islands lying off Malaekahana."

This legend of the Laniloa mo‘o can be read on a granite plaque attached to a boulder in the park. The five small islands along this shoreline are called Kihewamoku, Moku'auia, Pulemoku, Kukuiho'olua and Mokualai. Tour buses with visitors often times stop here to enjoy the scenic view. The peninsula is also frequented by fishermen, who primarily fish for ulua (trevally).

La'ie Point State Wayside Park Overview

  • Located on a peninsula in La'ie (view panorama)
  • Scenic area, nice limestone and rock formations
  • No swimming beach, but good for fishing
  • Place of the Hawaiian legend of Laniloa mo‘o

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Reviews and Comments:
This park was awe inspiring. Only GOD could have created such a place of majestic beauty. We could have watched the big waves and ocean views for hours.
David, May 28, 2010
Laie Point is very scenic. I was there with a bus tour. There were big waves there though. I would not dare to swim at that point but it is nice to visit it and take some pictures.
George, Apr 21, 2010