Kuliouou Beach Park

Kuliouou Beach Park, Oahu

Kuliouou Beach Park (view panorama) is located on Oahu's south shore near Hawaii Kai. This park is mainly visited by local residents who like to picnic here, play basketball, or wade in the shallow nearshore waters. The water is usually a murky brown, so it's not a good beach for swimming. However, there is a large grassy area with a few picnic tables and trees that provide some shade, so it's a nice place for a picnic. To the right you can see Paiko Lagoon, a wildlife sanctuary, and to the left is Koko Head.

Kuliouou Beach Park Overview

  • Spacious beach park with a large grassy area and picnic tables
  • Not a good swimming beach - shallow murky water (view panorama)
  • Has a basketball field
  • Plenty of room for parking

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