Kahuku Beach

Kahuku Beach, Oahu

Golden sand carpets the shores of Kahuku Beach (view panorama) , located in front of the nine-hole public Kahuku Golf Course. Apart from the vibrant sand, the place also shines with a festive local atmosphere you won't find anywhere else on the island. But few visitors ever come here. Quiet, sunny and spacious, Kahuku offers a welcome respite from the usually packed Oahu beaches.


Most of the people you will find here are local fishermen. A few others come to surf or picnic. So Kahuku Beach is hardly ever crowded, and there are many secluded spots if you're looking for some peace and quiet. If you're into surfing, head over to the Rice Bowl on the south side or the Seventh Hole on the north for some good waves.

Kahuku Beach is a long and wide white-sand beach with a high limestone shelf. The shelf and the rocky ocean bottom are what make swimming tricky, if not impossible, here. The beach is backed by high sand dunes, heliotrope trees and naupaka, a kind of green bush. There is almost no shade on Kahuku Beach, so if you plan to spend a day here, bring a beach umbrella, water and sunscreen.

Kahuku Beach Overview

  • Uncrowded beach in Kahuku on Oahu's northeastern shore
  • Long and wide sand beach, good fishing and surfing (surfing only if you know what you're doing, not for beginners)
  • Not recommended for swimming due to rocky ocean bottom and coral reef

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Reviews and Comments:
Fun Beach to fish... But had to walk my gear in.
Gene, Jun 24, 2010
Definitely not a good beach to swim, but very quiet and remote. I was here a couple of months ago and it was very hot. It's a nice long beach where you can have a beach stroll, but leave your shoes on because the sand it hot too.
Erica, Jun 04, 2010