Hau'ula Beach Park

Hau'ula Beach Park, Oahu

Hau'ula Beach Park on Oahu's windward coast is a popular camping and picnicking site among local residents. There is only a very narrow beach, and because of a shallow nearshore reef, the swimming conditions are poor. However, snorkeling is possible when the ocean is calm. Also, a beginners' surf spot is located offshore at the northern end of the park.

Hau'ula, meaning "red hau" in the Hawaiian language, was named for the hau flowers, the native Hibiscus tiliaceus, which bloom in the summer months.

Hau'ula Beach Park Overview

  • Nine-acre beach park on Oahu's windward coast
  • Poor swimming conditions due to shallow reef
  • Favorite spot among local families who like to camp and picnic here

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Reviews and Comments:
We were on the way to the north shore when it suddenly started raining cats and dogs. We don't like driving in the rain unless we know the place so we had to stop at this beach. We saw this park has a large sheltered area, so we went there. When it stopped raining there was a beautiful rainbow over the ocean.
The Johnsons, Fri Feb 24, 2012