Halona Beach Cove

Halona Beach Cove, Oahu

Halona Beach Cove (view panorama) is a small pocket of sand located on the southeastern shore of Oahu.It was made popular in the movie From here to Eternity, filmed here in 1953, where it was a love scene of a couple (Burt Lancester and Deborah Kerr). Because of the movie, the beach was nicknamed Eternity Beach.

It is located on the right (west) side of the Halona Blowhole overlook. You have to hike down the rocks from there to get to it. Be careful and always wear shoes because the rocks are slippery, steep and sharp.

The best time to swim in this small cove is when the water is calm. However, don't swim too far out because strong, dangerous currents are often times present and the water is very turbulent further out. Since there are no lifeguards stationed here, it is not recommended to get into the water if the surf is up. Also, stay away from the rocky areas.

The rocky point to the west of the beach cove is called Bamboo Ridge. It has been a popular fishing spot since the 1920s. The location was named after the fishermen's bamboo fishing poles that could be seen along the edge of the cliff in the past.

There are no facilities at Halona Beach Cove. Free parking is available at the Halona Blowhole lookout point.

Halona Beach Cove Overview

  • Small beach cove made popular in the movie From here to Eternity
  • Sandy beach surrounded on three sides by a steep sea cliff
  • Swim only when the water is calm and stay close to shore and away from the cliffs

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Reviews and Comments:
Kuu home o halona
Nita , Mon Apr 20, 2020
This small but amazing beach hidden below highway Kalanianaole is beautiful and has a tunnel/cave to explore. It is dangerous to swim as currents are really strong in the area. Keep your shoes while going down to the beach. Rocks are vert slippery.
Arthur Sacramento, Fri Apr 20, 2018
Halona Beach Cove is tiny and hidden from the main road. It is absolutely gorgeous and the greatest movie love scene ever was filmed here!
Gina from SoCal, Sun Jun 22, 2014
Great place to swim and sun. Not crowded. Enjoyed hike on rocks beside the water toward the west. You can dive off the rocks on the west side of cove as it comes into the cove as the waves come in. Great Fun
Ric, Tue Feb 22, 2011