Diamond Head Beach Park

Diamond Head Beach Park, Oahu

Diamond Head Beach Park (view panorama) , an extinct volcanic crater at the eastern end of Waikiki. The park includes two acres of sea cliffs on the south slope of the crater between Beach Road and the Diamond Head Lighthouse.

The beach here is narrow and fronted by a rocky shelf. The swimming conditions are poor because of the coral reef, but surfers find an uncrowded paradise here compared to Waikiki Beach. Snorkeling is also good if the waves aren't too high. Diamond Head Beach is also a popular tidepool excursion site.

Diamond Head Beach Park Overview

  • Located on the foothills of Diamond Head
  • Two acres of sea cliffs and a narrow beach, fronted by a rocky shelf
  • Fair swimming, but good surfing

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Reviews and Comments:
I didn't really feel comfortable here. The views are nice, but that's about it. I came here on a weekday and as I was walking down the road that leads to the beach, I noticed many cars parked on the side of the road and guys sitting in them. I was wondering why they just sit there in their cars doing nothing. But then I noticed some of them were smoking (things other than cigarettes). They didn't have surfboards with them, so I guess they just use this area as a hangout spot.

There was almost no parking available on a weekday, so I assume that during weekends it gets even busier. I wouldn't drive down this road because it's narrow and there isn't much room to turn around the car once you reach the dead end.

I would say it's a beach park to skip. I don't even know why it's called a beach park since it doesn't have any facilities.
Lea, Thu Aug 09, 2012
Considering the world-famous name "Diamond Head" I thought this is a beach that we must visit. Wrong! LOL. There isn't much there to see or do and parking was a hassle. The parking is on a steep and narrow dead-end road and getting out of there was a challenge. It seems most of the people who come here are surfers.
Matt, Fri Dec 02, 2011