Barber's Point Beach Park (Kalaeloa)

Barber's Point Beach Park (Kalaeloa Beach), Oahu

Barber's Point Beach Park is most known for its lighthouse. The small sandy beach is mainly used by fishermen and picnickers because the swimming conditions are poor.There is a low limestone shelf along most of the shoreline which makes entering the ocean difficult. This, as well as strong currents, make this a no-swimming beach. The beach park is located on Oahu's leeward coast (at the southwestern tip) near Campbell Industrial Park. It is not the most scenic area on the island.

Barber's Point is named after Captain Henry Barber. In 1796, Barber arrived on Oahu in the Arthur. After loading supplies in Honolulu, he wanted to sail to Kauai and then on to China. But he ran aground at Oahu's southwestern tip, known as Kalaeloa, which means “the long point” in the Hawaiian language. After this incident, this area became known as Barber's Point.

Barber's Point Beach Park Overview

  • 7-acre park near an industrial area
  • Not recommended for swimming
  • Barber's Point lighthouse is the main landmark
  • Camping is allowed in nearby Kalaeloa Park (with county permit), but on weekends only (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights), more info here

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Reviews and Comments:
False information here.
I used to swim all the time at this beach and never had any problems, or heard of anyone having any. Sandy beaches in the water too.
wayne, Mon Apr 28, 2014