Tropical Farms Macadamia Nut Farm

Tropical Farms Macadamia Nut Farm, Oahu

Tropical Farms on Oahu’s windward (east) coast is a destination that’s off the beaten path. Most visitors to the island only get to see it if they take part in a greater circle island bus tour, which they usually book at a local tour operator. So if you don’t know about this place, you wouldn’t rent a car to get here. But it’s definitely worth a visit, not only for the many delicious goodies you can buy, but also because you can learn a great deal about Hawaiian culture.

They grow their macadamia nuts and other fruits right here and you can enjoy flavors that aren’t available in stores in Waikiki, such as cinnamon macadamias. They are freshly made on this farm. And the good thing is, you can try them for free. They even offer free samples of Kona coffee in their store. Besides macadamia nuts, they also sell jewelry, art, creams, aromatic oils and other souvenirs.

Besides browsing through the farm’s store, they also offer a tour of the farm, called the Alii Tour. The tour lasts about one hour and takes you to the plantation and fishpond. It also includes a demonstration on how the Hawaiians lived off the land. The tour comes complete with a super funny guide, aptly named “The Chief.”

He’ll first load everyone into an old bus and drive you through the farm, pointing out types of plants and what they are used for. Then you’ll head to a little amphitheater for a show, where you’ll learn more about Hawaiian foods and customs. Your guide will even show you how to make fire by rubbing sticks together and how to open a coconut. You can try yourself and get some of the good stuff out of the fruit and snack on it.

After that, your guide will take you on a short boat ride around the fishpond. He’ll tell you some more about the history of the area and include recent events, such as the filming of popular Hollywood movies. Quite a few movies and TV series have been filmed in this area, including Gilligan's Island, Fantasy Island, 50 First Dates, Lost, Tears of the Sun and Along Came Polly.

Back on land, you’ll enjoy a tour of the fruit trees. Now is your chance to try guavas and star fruits right off the tree. Nothing is better than a fruit that’s picked fully ripe from the tree and eaten right away. This completes the tour and back in the store you can then browse around some more.

Tropical Farms Macadamia Nut Farm Overview

  • Macadamia nut farm that's off the beaten path
  • They have a wide variety of flavored macadamias
  • Discover other unique gifts
  • Take part in their Alii Tour of the plantation and learn about Hawaiian history, customs, fruits and plants

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Reviews and Comments:
I bought several boxes of chocolate covered macadamia nuts for gifts & myself, only to find all of them, upon opening, had 'chocolate bloom' and basically looked old & unappetizing. It was disappointing. I was there early November 2015. The nuts I purchased were great. The chocolate was poor. The store was fun to go through and sample all the different flavored nuts. Living in Wash. state, impossible to return/exchange.
Anna Morris, Mon Dec 28, 2015
Visited the nut farm on December 26th 2015. This place is a must visit for visitors. The nuts are delicious!
We loved the tour! The chief has lots of the Aloha spirit that made our visit complete. Mahalo
Ann, Mon Dec 28, 2015
Just visited on July 12,2015 on a circle tour stop. Great folks there, plus delicious samples. Bought plenty of both of their Coffee's and Macadamia's for return trip to Texas. Great place to take kids, adults will love the delicious coffee and flavored macadamia's. One heavenly estate. Would recommend everyone stop if they get a chance.
John Clements, Fri Jul 17, 2015
On your trip around the island this is a must stop. The environment is friendly, the samples are abundant and delicious. We were here Mar 2015.
Brigitte Forbes, Thu Mar 26, 2015
I visited in August 2013. Incredible food products, wonderful sampling so you know exactly what you are buying, friendly and helpful staff. I missed the tour unfortunately but arranged for nuts and coffee to be shipped home to Canada. It did take longer than I anticipated to arrive (more than 4 or 5 weeks) so keep that in mind if you're ordering for a birthday or holiday.
Tosh H., Wed Nov 06, 2013
My sister and I absolutely loved this farm. The macadamia nut Kona coffee is to die for. After spending our time in Waikiki it was refreshing to explore a farm. The backdrop to our pictures is gorgeous, mountains like on Jurassic Park. Their gifts and customer service were superb. -visited summer of 2009
Theresa, Sun Feb 12, 2012
On your trip around the island this is a must stop. And don't leave without doing the tour. You WILL NOT get closer to a flame dancer and wild chickens (no harm). Not to mention all you can eat fresh fruit right off the tree. The boat trip on the pond will give you a breath taking view.
Heidy Burns, Sun Sep 25, 2011
Had the best time here last December 2010 with my wife and son. Went for the tour and learned how the Natives make fire. Got to go out on Moli Pond and got some great photos with Native Hawaiian's in traditional dress with son and my wife. Enjoyed the store and coffee and samples. Nice place on the stop on our 8 hour bus tour. Even stopped a day later as we also had a rental car.
Dave Joseph, Fri Jun 10, 2011
As a director of a tour company, my partner and I were evaluating all the stops in the islands for an add on to our tour to Midway Atoll. During our circumnavigation of Oahu, Tropical Farms seemed like the perfect place to check out. The environment is friendly, the samples are abundant and delicious (my favorite is the caramel corn, salted macadamias and of course the macadamia nut coffee... you'll drift in on the smell alone!), and their is plenty to see and do without it feeling too hokey or contrived. As much as I loved what I saw and tasted, unfortunately, since it was our first stop in a store like this we decided to wait to buy our coffee and macadamias elsewhere. BIG MISTAKE!!! First of all, Tropical Farms is one of the only places that actually gives samples, and without a doubt, after arriving home and sampling the rest of my purchases, I discovered their products are far superior to anything we purchased, to the extent that I had to google them, because I wanted to order some coffee (which then prompted me to leave this review). This place is great and their prices are friendly. Forget stops at other places like the Mauna loa factory (factory tour is sub par, staff are not friendly, prices are steep and its very commercialized) and support a local place with better products. Last comment, I also bought 3 different types of Macadamia coffee (Hawaiian Isles, Royal Kona, and Lion) and regretted every sip as compared to the one that I tried at Tropical Farms.
WANTexpeditions, Jan 22, 2011