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Wet'n'Wild Hawaii, Oahu

One wouldn’t think Hawaii, with its hundreds of islands scattered over 1,500 miles of water, would ever need a water park. But it’s got one! Formerly known as the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, Wet'n'Wild Hawaii encompasses 25 acres of water rides and other wet attractions. It opened in May 1999 by Waters of Kapolei, LLC, and was sold 9 years later (in May 2008) to Australian theme park giant Village Roadshow Limited at a whooping $27 million.

Main Attractions

The Cliffhanger, Volcano Express, Flyin’ Hawaiian, Big Kahuna, – all great slides. The first one is not for the fainthearted. A two-lane slide that starts out innocently, making riders feel comfortable until they suddenly find themselves on a 72-foot tall freefall.

Hurricane Bay – great wavepool! The only one in Hawaii, featuring 2 to 4 foot waves where you can bodysurf or ride the wave in a tube.

Kapolei Kooler, The Cliffhanger, – perhaps the tamest of all the attractions inside Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park, you just lazily lay back on a tube, perhaps with a refreshing drink, and float down an 800-foot long meandering river. Good for the older ones and the romantics.

Da Flowrider, Island Adventure Golf – the new additions to Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. You have to pay extra to enjoy a thrill ride: forty feet of consistent standing wave where you can show all your skills at riding a wave. The second is an 18-hole high-end miniature golf course that is truly a marvel for golf enthusiasts.

Wet'n'Wild Hawaii is located in Kapolei, West Oahu, which is accessible by car, public transport or bus from Waikiki. The place is open daily except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please note that no personal floatation devices may be brought into the park.

Wet'n'Wild Hawaii Overview

  • Only water park in the state of Hawaii
  • Spreads over 25 acres and features many waterslides, pools and other attractions
  • The park is located near Kapolei on Oahu's southwestern coast

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Reviews and Comments:
It is expensive but fun. Great for those hot days. Locals and military do get a discount since we are paying taxes to support the roads, infrastructure, etc. This is a common practice in many other states for their locals. I do wish all the rides were open all the time. It's frustrating to drive all the way over and have rides closed. Can't wait for Disney to take over this property and run it properly.
KailuaChris, Wed Jun 20, 2012
I've been twice as a tourist, it is very expensive for the hours that they are open.If you have money to spend then it is fine, however the hours of operation are to short and now they charge for parking. Cant see this place staying in business.
Rae, Jul 02, 2010
I'd give it a rating of "3" out of 10.

Sadly, it's true about little to do in Hawaii. I've been to this water park numerous times, for the kids. I find it to be over-rated and over-priced (for all- entrance fees, food, etc.), especially during (what they consider to be) "off-season" months, though it's basically the same, climate-wise, year-round. During the "off-season" months, they open too late and close earlier (as if they didn't close too early already). Opening at 10:30a and closing at 3:30p during the 'off-season' months is a joke! What few rides they do have (during the off-season months) aren't open full-time, thus taking turns with certain (the better) rides, supposedly 'every half hour' (even though they don't keep real time/watch the clock), since they are supposedly under-staffed, yet I see SO MANY employees/"life guards" roaming around the park as if they have nothing to do) and are not well-organized . Not to mention many of the employees are rude (though not all) to customers and are completely unprofessional. The park needs to open earlier and close later, even during the "off-season" (before and after the 'summer' months). It's not worth the money, especially if you just pay for the regular, general admission price. I bought passes for us, since it was cheaper than the gen. admission fee.

They also need to provide more inner-tubes for the wave pool and other rides. I find it tacky that they charge outrageous prices to rent a boogie board (I think it's $10), to use during such a short interval in the wave pool and charge ($15, w/ $5 return w/ tube) to rent personal inner-tubes for certain rides. They also charge an outrageous amount for the use of a locker, w/ a $12 fee, returning only $5 w/ receipt of key.

The prices for the 'food' are also outrageously expensive, especially considering they don't allow patrons to bring anything with them. If you're going to charge exorbitant prices for food and entrance fees, at least make it worth it and make it taste good a serve a fair amount of food for the price!!
It's disorganized in many areas, to the point of being ridiculous. I have to admit, it's the worst water park I've been to. The ones in the mainland are MUCH better. Management and regular employees need to make a concerted effort to improve this park, for the reasons listed in this post; otherwise, it will be "typical" of Hawaii. The park has potential, but they need to make the effort to do/be better.

And 'unknown', others: Prices should be the same for everyone, whether you live here, 'local' or not. Kama 'aina rates are everywhere in the Hawaiian Islands and are discriminating, in my opinion. Discounted rates should be offered based on frequency of attendance, not locale, with the exception of active-duty military members and their families, of course. They make many sacrifices each day, with little-to-nothing in return.

To Wet 'n' Wild Management (if you're reading this): Lower the prices for everything, extend hours of operation to reasonable hours (e.g. 9:30a-5:30p), become organized, and hire people who are friendly, courteous, considerate and professional employees, just to name several qualities expected in employees in the U.S.
I've lived and traveled in various locations around the world and expect better of Hawaii's businesses, especially considering the outrageously expensive prices for everything here.
Jane, Apr 28, 2009
Yes, it is expensive...but I bought the annual pass for my family of 9 and we're making the most of it. Just being there's not much for keikis here to do...this is a great family fun activity for everyone to enjoy. Still, I hope Wet n Wild will extend its property to add on new rides:)
Sofia, Dec 13, 2008
Yes, i completely agree with what you said. I was planning to go to the water park myself last weekend, but I did not go exactly because of the high price.
Ina, Mar 21, 2008
being dat hawaiian waters is a real fun place 2 go 4 family's ,friends, and or ect. Da price's r up dea being dat we as locals shouldn't have 2 pay so much. It's more like meant 4 da tourist, da reason i say dat is knowing dat most of us can't afford to pay such a high price so 4 us as local's can afford i think u should give us a better kamaiana rate. MAHALO!!!!
Local, Mar 21, 2008