Dillingham Airfield

Dillingham Airfield, Oahu

Dillingham Airfield (view panorama) , located on Oahu’s north shore, is a public as well as a military use airport. Encompassing an area of 134 acres (0.5 sq. km), it is primarily used for sky diving (parachuting) and gliding tours. Military night operations for night vision device training also take place here. The military started using the airfield in the 1920s, and it was used extensively during World War II.

The airfield is operated by the Hawaii Department of Transportation under a 25-year lease from the U.S. Army. There is one runway measuring 9,007 feet by 75 feet (2,745 m x 23 m).

Dillingham Airfield has also served as a movie filming location in the past. The popular TV series Lost filmed several scenes here because of the airfield’s remote location. Also, the TV series Hawaii Five-0 used the airfield in its second episode, Ohana.

The picture shows a bird’s eye view of the airfield. It was taken from the crest of the Kealia Trail at an elevation of about 1,000 feet (305 m) above sea level.

Dillingham Airfield Overview

  • Sky diving (parachuting) and gliding tours depart from here
  • Military uses the airfield as well, primarily for night vision device training
  • Airfield has served as a filming location in the past

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Reviews and Comments:
"but having so much access could be a problem"
for whom ?
Peter Brit, Tue Apr 07, 2015
In response to the above comment I would like to add that the state use to allow the business owners and caretakers of the properties being least to remain on the premises for security reason. Such a crime wouldn't have happened had that condition remained in place.The state very generously used to allow two caretakers per property and gave tenants the keys to the gate. It wasn't untill one tenant blantently violated that condition that the state was forced to make changes.
North shore community , Sun Mar 08, 2015
Why is it that some people are favored at dillingham airfield? While most of us have to leave the airfield at 7:00 when they closed the gates but there is 2 or more people that are given access to there facilty at dillingham sure field down on the north shore of Oahu. While from a distance it looks like no one is there because of there blackt out curtains that cover every inch of every window. Although no one is for sure on why they get to stay I think it's very unfair!!! Recently there has been a brake in at one of the companies and a few thousand dollars was stolen and the person or persons that made off with the money was never caught. I'm not implying that the people person that live there have anything to do with it but having so much access could be a problem. Need I remind you that whoever stole the money had a lot of knowledge of the area.
North shore community , Fri Jan 30, 2015