Kukaniloko Birthing Stones

Kukaniloko Birthing Stones, Oahu

This ancient sacred site (view panorama) is located in the center of Oahu near Wahiawa. It was here where royal women were taken to give birth in the old Hawaii. Kukaniloko, which means "to anchor the cry from within," was built in the 12th century by an Oahu chief whose son Kapawa was the first birth here.

The ali'i (royals) gave birth here because it assured them high-ranking status. It was also believed that women who gave birth here suffered no pain during childbirth. They had to follow a strict diet and exercises in the weeks prior to giving birth that was recommended by the kahuna (priests).

Kukaniloko Birthing Stones Overview

  • One of the most significant historical sites on Oahu
  • Listed on the National and Hawaii Register of Historic Places
  • Royal women gave birth here in the old Hawaii
  • Note: this is a sacred site. Do not move or remove anything from this site and do not climb on the rocks.

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Reviews and Comments:
We went here in April of this year. It was a very awesome place. The young lady that took us, was from Hawaii, she gave us the History, there were even tears in her eyes at some point. She was very passionate about it. Very neat place, great history.
Darlene, Wed Dec 09, 2015