Ku'ilioloa Heiau

Ku'ilioloa Heiau, Oahu

Located on Kane'ilio Point, a small peninsula in Waianae, the Ku'ilioloa Heiau commands a beautiful view of Oahu's west shore. To the north is Pokai Bay and Lahilahi Point in the distance, and to the south are the Lualualei and Ma'ili beach parks.

The heiau has three terraced platforms and is believed to have been a temple of learning and training, mainly in the arts of fishing, navigation and other ocean-related skills.

In the Hawaiian language, Ku'ilioloa means “the long dog Ku.” It is believed that the heiau was named after a legendary dog who protected travelers.

Ku'ilioloa Heiau Overview

  • Heiau used for learning and training
  • Three terraced platforms located on a small peninsula
  • Beautiful views of Oahu's west shore

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