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Po'olau Beach

Po'olau Beach, Molokai

Po'olau Beach (view panorama) is a small sandy cove on Molokai's west shore, located south of the more popular Papohaku Beach. Parts of the beach as well as the nearshore ocean bottom are covered by lava rocks. It is therefore more suitable for a peaceful picnic rather than a swimming destination. When the ocean is calm (usually in the summer months) this beach sometimes attracts snorkelers. In the winter (November to March), the surf can be up.

Access to the beach is via a paved beach access road, which can easily be missed. The other beaches along Pohakuloa Road (such as neighboring Paka'a Beach and Papohaku Beach) have signs that mark the public right-of-way to the shoreline, but the sign at Po'olau Beach is currently missing.

Po'olau Beach Overview

  • Small sandy beach with scattered lava rocks
  • Nice picnicking spot but not a swimming beach

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Reviews and Comments:
A great getaway beach. We came here once on a weekday and enjoyed the serenity of this place. We decided to come again the following Saturday, which was our last day on Molokai, but when we arrived there was a truck parked at the beach entrance and a big dog without a leash blocking the beach access path. We didn't see the owner nearby and nobody else was there. We didn't like the way the dog looked at us. He was sitting still and staring at us, so we didn't dare to walk past him. We went to Papohaku Beach instead.
Frank, Tue Aug 28, 2012