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Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church, Molokai

Saint Damien, also known as the Martyr of Molokai, built four churches on the island, two of which are still standing today. One of them is Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church (view panorama) , located in Kalua'aha right across from Ni'aupala Fishpond. It was built in 1874. The other church that is still standing today is the Saint Damien Church, formerly known as St. Joseph Church, located in Kamalo. It was built in 1876.

Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church Overview

  • Built in 1874 by Saint Damien
  • Sunday mass at 7 am

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Reviews and Comments:
I am sorry not to have attended your church service but my wife and I golfed at your beautiful course while being stationed at Camp Smith. I still remember the beautiful coastline and did pick up a rock and to my knowledge I was never harmed by the omission. Our tour in Hawaii was truly a blessed and beautiful time for my wife Dodie and I. Thank you Hawaii!
Sid Howard , Sat Dec 05, 2020