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Molokai War Memorial

Molokai War Memorial, Molokai

From afar, the Molokai War Memorial looks like a small monument at the end of Kaunakakai's main shopping street. But a closer look will open your eyes to the memorial cannons and marble monuments that represent tombstones. The names of Molokai citizens who have died in the American wars are engraved in the stone, so they are forever remembered by their people.

The memorial was built by the people of Molokai. It is located between Ala Malama Avenue and Puali Place, just a block away from the heart of downtown Kaunakakai.

Molokai War Memorial Overview

  • Serves as a memory of the people of Molokai who died in the American wars
  • Located a block away from downtown Kaunakakai, on Puali Place

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