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Molokai Plumerias

Molokai Plumerias, Molokai

Molokai Plumerias have been growing Hawaii's Aloha flower since 1982. They are the largest plumeria grower in Hawaii. Their farm is located just 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Kaunakakai. When you visit the farm, you can sign up for an afternoon tour and learn all about plumerias, how the farm works and about the importance of this flower in Hawaiian culture.

The so-called Aloha flower was named after Charles Plumier, a French botanist. Plumerias go by various names. Sometimes, Molokai plumerias are known as Celadine, Franginapani and Hawaiian Yellow. This Aloha flower is also a favorite among flower lei makers.

Molokai plumerias are yellow in color when they are young, but their colors change gradually into white at the edge of the petals when they age. They are known not only for their beautiful colors and silky smooth texture, but also for their fragrance.

You can buy the flowers in loose form, cuttings or flower leis. The flowers may also be ordered online.

Molokai Plumerias Overview

  • Hawaii's largest plumeria grower
  • Have been growing plumerias on Molokai since 1982
  • Molokai Plumerias are open for tours from 8-12 am (Monday to Saturday)
  • Reservations are recommended

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Reviews and Comments:
My son was married in the Boston area last May. The wedding color scheme chosen by the bride was sunset on the beach. We ordered loose flowers for the decorations. The flowers arrived in perfect condition the day before the wedding, as requested. The wedding party had a great time stringing leis, making boutonnieres, and decorating the tables. Thanks Molokai Plumerias for adding that extra touch for a very special day.
David Wheeler, Fri Nov 04, 2011
Terrible communication. I tried to order plumeria flowers from them. I got 2 e-mails responding to my e-mails with questions. Last time I heard from them was on Monday. I needed them for Saturday night. I e-mailed twice to make sure order is in but didn't hear from them so I called today (Thursday). The lady said "Oh you need them on Sat. Well we got to ship today so I hate to tell you this but we can't do anything about it." It is a very special event for me and I was so looking forward to them. I called the Hawaiian Lei Company right now and they were so helpful. I am getting a beautiful ginger lei on Saturday before noon!
Maria, May 28, 2010