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Kaunakakai Harbor

Kaunakakai Harbor, Molokai

Kaunakakai Harbor (view panorama) is located on Molokai's south shore, next to Pier Island at the end of a wharf that extends seaward about 1,900 feet (580 m). It is a commercial and recreational harbor, with 29 boat slips and mooring spaces, two docks and a boat launching ramp. Kaunakakai Wharf is the longest wharf in the state of Hawaii.

The harbor was dredged by the Corps of Engineers in the 1930s. It was completed in 1934 and cost $105,000. Visitors who take the ferry (named Molokai Princess) from Maui to Molokai arrive here at Kaunakakai Harbor. Harbor facilities include an office and public restrooms.

There is a small marked swimming area on the right (west) side of the wharf, but it is not used much. You'll have to climb down some boulders to get to it.

Kaunakakai Harbor Overview

  • Main harbor on Molokai - used by commercial and recreational vessels
  • Ferry from neighboring Maui arrives here
  • Longest wharf in Hawaii

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Its a nice place to be if you want to go back in time to old Hawaii without a time machine.
Fernando Negrete, Thu Jan 26, 2017