Kaihalulu (Red Sand) Beach

Kaihalulu (Red Sand) Beach, Maui

Kaihalulu Beach, or better known as Red Sand Beach, located just south of Maui's Hana Bay, has red-black sand, a product of the cinder cone hill (named Ka'uiki Head) on the northern end of the cove.

The beautiful ironwood trees continuously sprinkle numerous needles that blanket the ground. Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach takes some maneuvering to get down to the water's edge and can be slippery due to crumbling cinder and pine needles from the trees, but the payoff is definitely worth the challenge. The blue ocean, the red sand, the green trees and the black lava sea wall make for a very unique sight. Bring your camera!

Although the beach is partially protected by a reef, it is not suitable for swimming or any other type of watersport due to strong currents and turbuent waters. If you decide to go into the water anyway, be cautious because often times there is a fast-moving rip current that flows out to the open ocean at the northern end of the beach. Also, do not swim behind the lava sea wall because the currents are so strong, you may not be able to swim back to shore. Kaihalulu means "roaring sea" in the Hawaiian language and this beach is named like that for a reason.

Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach Overview

  • Unique, secluded red sand beach near Hana
  • Amazing scenery, great photo opportunities
  • Swimming and snorkeling not recommended here
  • Challenging to get to (trail leads down a steep hill with loose footing)

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Reviews and Comments:
Gorgeous place to visit. Went with wife and 2 teenage,one twelve year kids. When you enter the field near the community center,opening to path is half way to the end on the right hand side. I highly recommend taking the path all the way down to the water, walk along the Rocky shore line (not hard at all, just take it slow) then climbing back up to path before the shore line curve to,the left..easy to figure out as is you continue it is pretty much impassable via shoreline)
Once back in path, it is a steep,up hill followed by a steep down hill. Just take it slow, lga the vines growing out of the hill sie and stay on the inside of the narrow path. I actually jogged up and down the elite path but took it slow with family on tow. Last hard part is the final trail down to the beach itself, again, take it slow really only one tricky area to navigate but plenty of roots to grab on to. Mistake was not bringing swim gear as we had other sights to see. Really special place, few free bird bathers but nothing weird at all
Gregory , Wed Jul 09, 2014
We didn't take the hike on the steep cliff as directed because if another party is leaving and we came it'd be a pretty tight spot, so instead....we opt to walk along the beach front on the rocks...(pretty dangerous, yet very adventurous...tide was low of course) bout 10 min, then we seen the Red beach...WOW!!! Worth the walk, seen couple really big bright yellow fishes so we snorkeled for a bit, could not take no under water fishes as wanted because even in the cove the water were pretty strong current....very relaxing indeed
Thuan Tran 4/15/11, Tue May 03, 2011