Little Beach

Little Beach, Maui

Little Beach is the only unofficial clothing optional beach on Maui, located right next to the more popular Big Beach. Both beaches are part of Makena State Park. If you have ever thought about trying nude sunbathing, this is the place to go. However, keep in mind that public nudity is illegal in Hawaii, but very little enforcement of this law is done at this beach, and many people who sunbathe on Little Beach do so without clothes. But if you want to keep your swimsuit on, it is ok too.

Little Beach is situated in a secluded cove and is bordered by two lava outcrops. It is also known as Pu'u Ola'i Beach, named after the cinder cone that backs the beach. It is a great swimming beach with a shallow sandy bottom. There's almost always a gentle shorebreak present that attracts bodyboarders and surfers. On calm days, the snorkeling conditions are excellent.

The views are also very nice here. The neighbor island of Kahoolawe is visible on the horizon, as is the smaller island of Molokini, a world-class snorkel and diving destination. There is a trail right behind Little Beach where you can have a nice beach stroll.

Little Beach Overview

  • Popular nudist beach on Maui (even though public nudity is illegal in Hawaii)
  • Beach is hidden by a rocky outcrop, it sits in front of a cinder hill
  • Good swimming and snorkeling beach
  • Beach is sandy and the ocean bottom slopes gently

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Reviews and Comments:
I lived/camped on little beach for 5 months in 1969, best time of my life at 20yrs old. Four of us lived there before it became, along with big beach, overcrowded and off limits to camping. Some incredible things happened there, but that was then, annd I didn't return for thirty years. Funny, all three of my kids have lived in the islands, with my daughter and three grands still on Big Island. I love this place, aloha to all!
Bill Neylon, Tue Dec 24, 2019
Beautiful little beach. You have to climb over a "bluff" at the end of Big Beach. Well worth it. Nights are exceptionally fun when the locals start drumming!
Terry Doudican, Fri Apr 21, 2017