Keanae Peninsula

Keanae Peninsula, Maui

The Keanae Peninsula is located off of Maui’s famous Road to Hana. It’s a nice spot to visit on your way to Hana (or on your way back). The scenery is gorgeous. There’s an old Hawaiian village, taro patches and a church that was built in 1856. The shoreline on this peninsula is rocky.

Even though there’s no sandy beach, the waves slashing against the rocks and lava pinnacles provide some great picture-taking opportunities. In 1946, the Keanae Peninsula was almost completely destroyed by a tsunami. The only building that was left standing was the old stone church.

Keanae Peninsula Overview

  • Located right off of Hana Highway
  • Gorgeous shoreline, with waves crashing against lava rocks
  • Old Hawaiian village and church built in 1856
  • Swimming or other water activities are not possible here due to the rocky shoreline and dangerous high surf and currents

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Reviews and Comments:
One of the best "non-tourist" spots on the island; lovely and worth a stop (off the Road to Hana). Rocky shore, fish or swim in calm conditions, steep and rough boat launch ramp - go early and/or when not windy.
Kirsten, Tue Mar 29, 2016
I went to Hawaii about 6 years ago, and am planning to return in the next year. Of all of the beautiful things that I encountered while I was there, nothing holds a flame to Keanae. I still remember it taking my breath away! It was hands down the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen in my life...I felt like this was what Hawaii really truly was. So much so, that I felt as if I was intruding. I didn't stay as long as I had wished, and have always regretted it. This time, I plan to spend plenty off time soaking up that beautiful view from underneath that crooked palm tree, This sight was the highlight of my entire trip!
Kacey, May 28, 2010