Hana Farms

Hana Farms, Maui

This little roadside stand is a “must visit” on your way to Hana (or on your way back). It’s conveniently located on the famous Hana Highway on Maui’s northern shore. Hana Farms is a popular stop not only for visitors, but locals alike. Their banana bread is loved by many and they sell six different varieties of it. They bake it fresh every day and when you buy it it’s often times still warm. They also have fresh-squeezed lemonade, coffee, jams, candy, jewelry, art and ice cream.

Hana Farms roadside stand is located right before the “Welcome to Hana” sign. Look for the small Polynesian huts and the banana bread sign.

Hana Farms Overview

  • Best banana bread on Maui
  • Many other homemade goodies, such as lemonade, jams and candy are available
  • Located right on Hana Highway

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Reviews and Comments:
You can order any of the products from the farm directly through those lovely people you met, through their website, www.hanafarmsonline.com
Hana Farms, Dec 30, 2009
I love this place. Such a great stop on the way into town they have great food, nice people and good recommedations for places to see on the island. Try the tropical smoothie- so so good- and the bread is a must.
Erin, Dec 15, 2009
Wow! Why is this place not in ALL of the guidebooks? I have never had banana bread like this before. I bought one loaf and one smoothie, and we went on to the black sand beach. We ate the whole thing before we even hit the beach! We came back and bought 5 more loaves to keep with us for the rest of the trip (one of each flavor!). I am just so amazed that an operation like this is even happening out in the middle of the jungle. It is like Mrs. Fields of the jungle! I even am in the process now of looking online to see if I can order the bread- which is how I stumbled upon this page. I never write reviews on anything- but this place takes the cake (no punn intended). If anyone here that reads this has any more information about how to contact this farm stand, or a website, or ordering information. It would be lucrative to even see if they were interested in an investor to get the bread out there- it is a one of a kind taste experience. So- any info is greatly appreciated. Or, if anyone is headed to Maui, I will pay you an extra $20.00 to ship us 20 loaves to Washington, and pay for the shipping costs of course. Thanks
William, Nov 06, 2009
We had the fortune of stopping at Hana Farms. It really was a wondeful highlight of the drive. The people there were so sweet, and taught us so much about the area, the culture, and all of the exotic fruits and flowers. It is worth stopping just for the samples- we got free samples of fruit, home-made banana bread fresh out of the oven, coconut candy, macadamia nut candy, and home-made tropical jams. The bread does live up to it's awards. Great place to take the kids- arrive hungry!
Virginia, Sept 24, 2009
Oh my GOD! Thank you for posting about this stand. You are right, there are a lot of stands on the road, so we may have missed this one if it wasn;t for the photo posted. We had some friends tell us to stop here as well, but they didn't have a photo- so really thanks for posting! This place was the best! I have never had better banana bread in my life, and they had home-made ice-cream- we tried macadamia nut toffee with fresh chocolate and toasted coconut with their home-grown vanilla bean. It was beyond delicious. We took your advice and bought 12 loaves so that we could share with all of our friends back home. We just froze the loaves in the freezer of our hotel room, and put them in a cooler for the flight, and they held up great. My favorite way to re-heat them is to just stick them in the oven to bake them for 5 minutes, or we even made the best banana bread french toast with the plain and macadamia nut variety. Does anyone know if there is a way to order the bread? It is really that good. And the girls working at the stand were so helpful and sweet, even taking time to make sure that we knew where the best sites to see were, and best snorkling on the island. definitely worth a stop- and tell them that Christina from Canada says hello:)
Christina, May 21, 2009
I second that. It is sad that so many people had to follow the success of this one stand. One guy even opened a stand just 1/2 a block BEFORE this stand advertising BANANA BREAD that he buys at COSTCO. Sad, because I too watched this little stand grow from nothing, over the past 3 years. They also do a lot to help the local economy by purchasing ONLY fruit from Hana, and they turn in into other great products like the amazing ice cream and hot-sauce. I love this place. My family comes to Maui every 6 months and I will recommend this as one of the best places for food and gifts! The bread is really the best you will ever taste. Make sure to grab a hot loaf:)
James, March 18, 2009
We had the delight of stopping at this little road side stand nearly 2 years ago, and just went back for a visit this past Christmas....and WOW! It has really come into it's own. They were the only banana bread stand on the whole road the last time we visited- and they must have begun a trend, because I think we counted more than 7 banana bread stands on the road now. We did stop and try a couple of others, but none came close to the quality of the Hana Farms bread. They should advertise how fresh it is, they bring loafs out of the oven every hour- so it is common to get fresh hot loafs of bread. We bought 10 loafs to bring back with us, and froze them in our hotel room, and they held up just great on the plane ride all the way back to Ohio. We just take a loaf out of the freezer, and slice off a few slices, and pop them into the toaster oven, and they wow all of our guests every time. The people at the stand in Hana were very nice as well, and the other note-worthy products were the great coffee, ice-cream, and the hana-apple-banana-butter. Very delicious. I reccommend this stand to all of my friends and family, certainly worth the stop.
Jamal, Feb 08, 2009