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Manele Bay

Manele Bay, Lanai

Manele Bay has Lanai's only public harbor. It’s where you arrive when you take the ferry from Maui to Lanai. The bay is located on Lanai’s south coast, eight miles south of Lanai City.

There is only a small white sand beach at the east end of the bay. It's a popular destination for most visitors because it’s the easiest beach to access while on Lanai and because it offers good snorkeling and diving conditions.

The ocean bottom is shallow and consists of a mixture of sand and gravel. Manele Bay is a marine preserve, established to protect and preserve the area’s marine resources and geological features.

The bay has restrooms and showers and since the reef is so shallow, even the young ones can have fun in the water. Manele Bay isn’t big, even though it is the main port for all the boats to rest in. However, it is a great location to just relax and have a picnic.

Manele Bay Overview

  • Has Lanai's only public harbor
  • Small white sand beach, otherwise rocky
  • Good snorkeling and diving

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