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Kahemano Beach, Lanai

If you like to fish, Kahemano Beach is the perfect spot. There are all kinds of Hawaiian fish to catch. However, it’s not a good beach for swimming because the inshore ocean bottom is very shallow and rocky.

The Hawaiian meaning of the name Kahemano is “school (of) sharks.” The name refers to the common Hawaiian reef sharks that are often times seen here. They swim through the shallow channels in the reef, but why they are drawn to this beach is not known.

So it’s best to stay on land and relax in the sun. Kahemano Beach is mainly frequented by local fishermen. You need a four-wheel drive vehicle to access this beach, which is located on Lanai's east shore.

Kahemano Beach Overview

  • Good fishing beach, but not recommended for swimming
  • Rocky ocean bottom and shallow reef
  • Reef sharks frequent this beach

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